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 How to play "Omaha high-low"

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PostSubject: How to play "Omaha high-low"   Sat Sep 19, 2009 4:29 am

How to play "Omaha high-low"

Broadening your poker repertoire is always a good idea (same as knowing how to change the wheel of your car) it is always worthwhile knowing additional variants of poker.
If you still don't know how to play "Omaha high-low", you came to the right place.
Read on to become a star in your next game of "Omaha high-low".
"Omaha high-low" is an interesting variant on "Omaha" poker, allowing two winning hands to share the pot - the highest hand and the lowest hand.
If you are not sure how to play "Omaha", we recommend that you quickly read our auxiliary lesson on this topic before returning here again.
For a hand to meet the requirements of a 'low hand', it has to be composed of 5 consecutive cards, the highest of which does not exceed 8.
The winning low hand is determined according to the player with the lowest cards.
In the case of a tie, we move to the next weakest card and so on. In the case of a tie with all the cards, when there is no possibility of differentiating between the hands, each player receives a quarter of the pot.
More rules of "Omaha high-low"

  • If there is no hand fit to be a low hand, the highest hand takes the entire pot.
  • A single player can win the entire pot if he has the highest and the lowest hand. (for example, A-2-3-4-5 or 2h-3h-5h-6h-8h)
  • A spade (Ace) can be considered as high and as low.
  • Players can use a different number of cards in order to create a high and low hand, or they can use the same cards.
  • Again, just like in "Omaha", each player has to use exactly two cards of the hand and three of the board in order to form the 5 cards of his hand.

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How to play "Omaha high-low"
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